How To Disable Short Cut In Excel

In the course of the most recent couple of days I have been running fundamental and progressed Excel courses and one of the regular inquiries that individuals are asking me is “What is a basic method to Disable a Short cut in Excel?” I have invested bunches of energy pondering a non-automatic approach to do this and there is a just arrangement.

Compose a full scale

Give us a chance to state for instance you are composing a Microsoft Excel format that you require different clients to enter information into, yet you need to restrain their capacity to utilize the highlights of Cut, Copy and Paste. Approve, so let me begin off by testing your memory What is the alternate way keystrokes for Cut, Copy and Paste I will put you out of your hopelessness on the off chance that you don’t have the foggiest idea, they are:

  • Cut – [Ctrl] + [X]
  • Duplicate – [Ctrl] + [C]
  • Glue – [Ctrl] + [V]

Presently to abrogate these essential alternate routes we basically utilize a full scale to do as such, remembering that the large scale will just incapacitate the easy routes for that archive, as long as you pick the correct choices. Release us through the procedure to incapacitate the easy route, Cut.

The initial step is to open another spreadsheet in Microsoft Excel, at that point go to the Tools menu and afterward pick Macro starting from the drop menu, at that point select Record New Macro

The Record Macro discourse box will be noticeable. In the Macro Name content box, type the content EliminateCut. Presently not that I didn’t have a space between the word Eliminate and Cut. On the off chance that you have a space, the Excel application will think of a mistake in light of the fact that in Microsoft Excel you are NOT permitted to have spaces in large scale names.

Second step click in the crate that say alternate route key and sort in the letter X. In the Store in Macro drop down box the alternative “This Workbook” ought to be chosen. In the event that it isn’t, ensure you select it starting from the drop box or you will handicap Cut for every future exercise manual, which won’t be a positive result. At last press the OK catch.

Expression of caution Do Not Click or do anything on the Worksheet. The Stop Recording toolbar ought to show up, essentially tap on the stop catch which resembles a stop catch on a CD Player and the large scale recorder will stop.

Presently on the off chance that you put some content into a cell and deactivate the cell by squeezing the [Enter] key, at that point backpedal and tap on it once and experiment with your alternate route. What you will see is that the cell is chosen however in the event that you tap on another cell and attempt and glue the incentive by utilizing [Ctrl] + [V] you will see that the cell does not move and thusly the easy route [Ctrl] + [X] is crippled.

I should take note of that there are a few constraints to this procedure. On the off chance that you really actuate the cell and select the content in the cell itself and after that attempt [Ctrl] + [X] you will find that the content will be cut, however in the event that you utilize [Ctrl]+[X] on an ordinarily chose cell you will see [Ctrl] + [X] is incapacitated.